Ten years for scratch bombsis ridiculous

THE EDITOR: I am not against the crackdown on scratch bombs by the Government. I know they cause bodily harm to people and can be a nuisance, but ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine? That is ridiculous.

There are people in this country who have committed heinous crimes and are out on bail. What is the Mr Minister of National Security saying, that a scratch bomb is worse than rape, or someone’s daughter being kidnapped, or someone been robbed and shot by criminals? Or bandits breaking into a home and raping the women and even shooting the occupants before stealing whatever they can get their hands on?

Two women were gang-raped by four men. Are scratch bombs worse than that crimes? Ten years for scratch bombs but someone gets 12 months for having a Uzi submachine gun.

To me something is very wrong. Most of these criminals are getting slaps on their wrists and bail and then committing the same crime over and over. Where is the justice?

It is time for stiffer penalties for heinous crime. Being in possession of scratch bombs is not a heinous crime. A rapist should get about 30 years in jail, kidnappers the same thing, people who commit gun violence ten and 15 years. For being in possession of scratch bombs no more than two years.

Mr Minister, why not take control of the serious crimes that are committed by the hooligans in our country before making silly announcement about scratch bombs?



"Ten years for scratch bombsis ridiculous"

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