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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Queen’s Park, Ventures, Petrovets win indoor titles

TT Defence Force's Nicholas Wren dribbles the ball as he is tracked by his Queen Park rival in the Ventures Indoor Hockey Tournament at UWI-SPEC, Friday.
TT Defence Force's Nicholas Wren dribbles the ball as he is tracked by his Queen Park rival in the Ventures Indoor Hockey Tournament at UWI-SPEC, Friday.

QUEEN'S PARK Cricket Club (QPCC) claimed the men's crown in the 16th Ventures’ Invitational Indoor Hockey Tournament at UWI-SPEC, St Augustine, in a 6-4 come-from-behind thriller against TT Defence Force (TTDF) on Sunday evening. An action-packed day wrapped the four-day tournament which started last Thursday, with host team Ventures claiming the women's title and Petrovets securing the veterans' trophy as well.

In the men's final, Nicholas Wren put TTDF up 1-0 in the fourth minute, before Kadeem Fortune equalised for QPCC in the ninth. Mickel Pierre then went on a rampage with a hat-trick in the 11th, 12th and 18th to put TTDF well in the advantage at 4-1. But the Parkites roared back to life with five unanswered in the late stages. A Jordan Reynos double in the 25th and 27th, two more from Jerezano Bell in the 27th and 28th and a late goal in the 29th from Evan Farrell secured the trophy for the Parkites.

Earlier, in the third-place playoff, Paragon shut down Supernova 5-3. Shomere Garnett put Supernova ahead in the 10th, before Akim Toussaint equalised a minute later. Toussaint added three more in the 14th, 15th and 24th. His opponents, through Meshach Sargeant (24th) and Kareem McKenzie (26th), brought affairs back to 4-3. Paragon extended the lead, though, with Kelon Skerrit in the 28th securing bronze for his team.

A Paragon player, left, vies for the ball with her Magstastic rival at the Ventures Indoor Hockey Tournament on Friday.

In the women's final, Ventures scraped past Magnolias Pink 4-3 in a sizzling penalty shootout. The latter went up 2-0 courtesy strikes from Kaitlyn Olton in the seventh and Brianna Govia a minute later, only for Krizia Layne (12th) and Arielle Williams (30th) to send the game into a shootout after regulation time ended 2-2. Williams and Layne would convert once more for Ventures, with Govia's strike in vain. Third-place went to Paragon who nicked Notre Dame 2-1. Naomi Simpson opened for Paragon in the seventh, with Felicia King extending the lead in the 11th. Tonya James pulled a consolation back in the 14th but Paragon would hold on for the win.

The veterans' final yielded another exciting encounter with Petrovets squeaking past QPCC 7-5. Petrovets raced to a 3-0 lead thanks to a double from Solomon Eccles and one from Dwain Quan Chan within the first 10 minutes. Jerezano Bell would get on the scoresheet for the Parkites with two, as well as Rob Wyatt in the 21st. However, Petrovets maintained distance with Anthony Marcano leaving them leading 4-3 before Quan Chan added some daylight to make it 5-3 in the 23rd. Reiza Hosein would make it 5-4 for QPCC in the 24th, but Quan Chan pounded in two more in the 26th and 27th to put Petrovets up 7-4. By the time Hosein added a late goal in the 29th, the Parkites were down two and it was too little too late. In third-place action, TT Police Service (TTPS) edged TTDF 2-1 after Fernando Beatrice opened for Police in the 11th. Nicholas Wren's 20th minute equaliser for Defence Force was erased when Roger Daniel delivered the winner for Police four minutes later.

As for individuals' honour roll, TTDF's Dwain Quan Chan took the Men's MVP title, with Kayla Escayg of Ventures nabbing the female equivalent. The Most Goals (men) accolade went to Paragon's Akim Toussaint who netted 23 and Ventures' Krizia Layne for her 12 goals.

Saturday remaining results:

(Women's Group B): Ventures 7 (Lindsay Williams 4th; Amanda Tang Nian 8th; Arielle Williams 11th,12th; Rose-Anne Reyes 16th, 26th; Kizia Layne 25th) vs. Old Fort 0.

(Women's Group A): Notre Dame 2 (Shantel Garcia 27th; Dana De Gannes 29th) vs. Magnolias Magstastic 4 (Elise Olton 2nd, 14th, 26th; Mika Ella Tang 20th).

(Men's Group A): Malvern 5 (Kristien Emmanuel 7th; Daniel Byer 15th, 29th, 30th; Lyndell Byer 19th) vs. TTPS 3 (Solomon Eccles 14th, 24th; Roger Daniel 30th).

(Veterans' Group B): Fatima 5 (Shawn Tang Nian 13th; Derek Lee 22nd; Keith Nieves 26th, 30th; Colin Young 27th) vs. Notre Dame 6 (Selwyn King 2nd, 8th; John Lewis 11th; Lorraine Ferguson 15th; Carol Whiteman 18th; Joel Legendre 24th).

(Women's Group B): Ventures 1 (Arielle Williams 27th) vs. Magnolias Pink 1 (Shaniah De Freitas 5th).

(Men's Group B): QPCC II 4 (Michael Durity 12th; Mahinder Malli 14th; Robert France 21st, 24th) vs. Fatima 3 (Joshua Olton 13th; Roshane Hamilton 28th; Colin Young 30th).

(Veterans' Group A): SHAPE 0 vs. QPCC 8 (Reiza Hosein 1st, 3rd, 8th, 14th, 17th; Errol Dos Santos 4th; Jerazeno Bell 29th; 30th).

(Men's Group B): Fatima 2 (Joshua Olton 9th, 21st) vs. Supernova 5 (Nandalall Persaud 1st; Jamarj Assanah 4th,13th, 27th; Kareem McKenzie 13th).

(Women's Group A): Paragon 3 (Zene Henry 1st, 4th, 6th) vs. UWI 1 (Krizia Layne 24th).

(Men's Group A): TTDF 10 (Marcus James 2nd, 13th, 15th, 23rd; Mickel Pierre 10th, 29th; Shane Leggerton 14th, 22nd; Nicholas Wren 25th; Christopher McKey 26th) vs. Notre Dame 0.

(Veterans' Group B): TTDF 4 (Nicholas Wren 2nd; Sherbert McKey 19th; Anthony Morales 19th, 21st) vs. PETROVETS 6 (Anthony Marcano 12th; Dwain Quan Chan 14th, 20th, 24th; Atba Whiittington 27th; Danielle Thompson 28th).

(Women's Group B): TTPS vs. Old Fort - did not play.

(Men's Group B): Paragon 12 (Akim Toussaint 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 17th, 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th; Tariq Singh 10th; Christian John 13th) vs. SHAPE 1 (Sheldon De Lisle 23rd).

Sunday's full results:

(Men's semis #1): TTDF 3 (Marcus James 14th; Shane Leggerton 30th; Nicholas Wren 30th) vs. Supernova 2 (Shomere Garnett 7th; Warren Williams 21st).

(Men's semis #2): Paragon 3 (Jabari Perez 15th; Akim Toussaint 27th; Christian John 30th) vs. QPCC 5 (Jerezano Bell 3rd, 20th; Evan Farrell 16th, 18th, 24th).

(Men's third-place): Supernova 3 (Shomere Garnett 10th; Meshach Sargeant 24th; Kareem Mc Kenzie 26th) vs. Paragon 5 (Akim Toussaint 11th, 14th, 15th, 24th; Kelon Skerrit 28th).

(Men's final): TTDF 4 (Nicholas Wren 4th; Mickel Pierre 11th, 12th, 18th) vs. QPCC 6 (Kadeem Fortune 9th, Jordan Reynos 25th, 27th; Jerazeno Bell 27th, 28th; Evan Farrell 29th).

(Women's semis #1): Paragon 1 (Kristin Thompson 21st) vs. Ventures 2 (Krizia Layne 9th, 27th).

(Women's semis #2): Notre Dame 2 (Shantel Garcia 5th; Tahirah Wynne 19th) vs. Magnolias Pink 10 (Brianna Govia 3rd, 13th, 25th; Kaitlyn Olton 4th, 28th, 29th; Brittney Hingh 4th; Samantha Olton 17th, 30th; Chelsea Day 29th).

(Women's third-place): Paragon 2 (Naomi Sampson 7th; Felicia King 11th) vs. Notre Dame 1 (Tonya James 14th).

(Women's final): Ventures 2 (Krizia Layne 12th; Arielle Williams 30th) vs. Magnolias Pink 2 (Kaitlyn Olton 7th; Brianna Govia) 8th). Penalty shootout: Ventures 2 (Arielle Williams, Krizia Layne), Magnolias Pink 1 (Brianna Govia). Ventures win 4-3 on overall goals.

(Veterans' semis #1): QPCC 7 (Richard Thomas 10th, 25th; Edrich Francois 12th; Reiza Hosein 22nd, 26th; Ryan Cowie 28th; Rob Wyatt 30th) vs. TTDF 2 (Kirth Davis 7th; Keshen Johnson 27th).

(Veterans' semis #2): Petrovets 3 (Danielle Thompson 9th; Dwain Quan Chan 16th; Solomon Eccles 18th) vs. TTPS 2 (Roger Daniel 12th; Victor Fredericks 21st).

(Veterans' third-place): TTDF 1 (Nicholas Wren 20th) vs. TTPS 2 (Fernando Beatrice 11th; Roger Daniel 24th).

(Veterans' final): QPCC 5 (Jerazeno Bell 11th, 13th; Rob Wyatt 21st, 29th; Reiza Hosein 24th) vs. Petrovets 7 (Solomon Eccles 1st, 7th; Dwain Quan Chan 6th, 23rd, 26th, 27th; Anthony Marcano 11th).

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