Moonilal: I have ‘kerchief for Camille

Roodal Moonilal
Roodal Moonilal

DR ROODAL MOONILAL mockingly promised to offer a handkerchief to Government whip Camille Robinson-Regis for her criticism of the Opposition’s role in Parliament. He spoke to Sunday Newsday, on Friday, in reply to Robinson-Regis’ recent letter to the editor where she accused the Opposition of obstructing the Government’s legislative agenda by arbitrariness, last minute demands and a constant shifting of goal-posts when bills are debated.

Moonilal said, “My message to Camille Robinson-Regis is govern or get out. This is a shameless and puerile attempt by the Government to blame the Opposition for their incompetence.”

The Oropouche East MP said previously in his five years as government whip in the People’s Partnership regime, he had never cried and blamed the then Opposition.

“The Government has got full responsibility for the parliamentary agenda,” he said. “If the heat in the kitchen is too hot, get out! I warn the Government that this year 2019 is pace like fire!

Camille Robinson-Regis

“I will take a clean white handkerchief and give it to Camille Robinson-Regis for crying over the incompetence of the Government.”

Moonilal said it was remarkable the Government can write letters to the editor but had failed to consult the Opposition in Parliament.

“It is a desperate cry for help. When ministers resort to writing letters yet it is they who drive the parliamentary agenda. “ He said the Government instead seemed focused on the House of Representatives Privileges Committee where it has two cases lodged against him.

Moonilal alleged, “The reason they are failing is because they are malicious. Imagine the very first parliamentary business for 2019 is Roodal Moonilal, as on Monday the Privileges Committee will be meeting to discuss me.”


"Moonilal: I have ‘kerchief for Camille"

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