From failed state to unequalled apathy?

THE EDITOR: Is it possible that, as a country we have graduated from failed state status, as expressed by a certain previous president, to one of unparalleled apathy without any equal in the civilised world?

What are our leaders doing to address this sad state of affairs? What type of country will our children and grandchildren inherit?

We now have a Police Commissioner willing to show he is serious about results and yet others in the society are coming out in condemnation. Those dissenters should have their heads examined. Or could it be a twisted motivation for the headlines?

Our previous commissioners were pathetic including the previous appointee who was given nine acting extensions without any measurable performance results.

Crime is so rampant in TT that it is a constant topic of conversation and has altered the daily routine of all citizens, except those fortunate to employ a security detachment in tow.

The lack of performance and accountability at management levels in the public service and the indifference in dealing with members of the public is mind-boggling.

My New Year’s wish as a taxpayer who loves this country of my birth is to understand why managers in the various ministries and government departments continue to be paid for work not done.

The Ministry of Works and the Environmental Management Authority are an embarrassment with visible potholes and garbage everywhere in the city, public infrastructure not maintained, as their power base doesn’t care about performance.

The stench of corruption is rampant in TT.

How much lower must we sink as a country before action is taken? Too much talk but no action or results.

Clearly our independence in 1962 from Britain didn’t include responsibility and accountability for enhancing the quality of life of all of our citizens.

We are all living in tight security in our homes, getting caught in our own burglar-proofing when fire strikes.

Finally, the evidence of human beings, commonly called vagrants, unkept, often scantily clothed, sleeping on city streets, abandoned and neglected, is an indictment on us as a society.

Could someone tell me who is in charge?



"From failed state to unequalled apathy?"

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