Added sugar at food outlets

THE EDITOR: Further to the letter on January 3 from Prof Stephan Gift in relation to the extent of diabetes in TT,

it was reported in a recent newspaper that TT has the highest rate of diabetes in the world.

Despite this alarming situation, food outlets continue to sell foods across TT with added sugar based on the foolish impression that our people like our food sweet.

A buffet outlet with branches at a Port of Spain mall and a Valsayn mall adds sugar to all its food, as does a barbeque and grill outlet in Barataria. It amazes me that these businesses believe that food is supposed to be sweet.

I would like to see the Ministry of Health address this situation and the boycotting of these businesses by the public. Only with drastic action will they understand that this is unacceptable in a country with the highest rate of diabetes in the world.

R WILSON via e-mail


"Added sugar at food outlets"

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