Message fails to reach the DMRC

THE EDITOR: Some weeks ago I was delighted at Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein’s warning to the CEOs/chairmen of the regional corporations to get their act together and insure that garbage is collected by contractors and not left on the roadsides.

In other words to get off their behinds and do the jobs they are being paid to do. Well I’ll like to report that, from my observations, the CEO/chairman of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation did not get the message as the roadsides are still littered with garbage and cuttings. So much so that fresh growths can be seen sprouting from waste left some weeks ago.

What a disgrace and an eyesore, especially as two of the three Diego Martin constituencies are the safe seats of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

Robber talk and political grandstanding are the order of the day and politicians continue to say what they think we want to hear with no follow-up action. Ah well, as the old people used to say, “Time longer than twine” and “One day, one day Congotay.”



"Message fails to reach the DMRC"

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