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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Bus service back to normal

THERE were no glitches yesterday with the public transport system, said the Public Transport Service Corporation’s (PTSC) general manager Bashir Mohammed.

In a brief interview, Mohammed said drivers were out on time and the bus service has been running smoothly and is back to normal.

Mohammed also said there were no complaints from commuters in both Port of Spain and San Fernando. After collecting reports from other branch managers, he said all the early-morning scheduled buses left their terminals on time and there were no bad reports during the midday services.

“All my buses are out. I have been monitoring the issue fairly often through staff in San Fernando and in Port of Spain, and so far the buses are running as normal and the daily fleet is out. Thus far commuters are pleased with the services.”

On Wednesday, scores of commuters, mainly in Port of Spain and San Fernando, were left stranded for hours, as drivers refused to drive the buses because they had no inspection certificates or stickers.

The PTSC has since apologised to affected passengers, saying there was a lack of communication between bus drivers and management. It was reported that the inspection certificates for some of the South buses were in Port of Spain. They were eventually sent to South to be put on the buses.

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