bmobile promises exciting new developments in 2019

TSTT engineers review a fiber plan. As the company moves ahead with its Zero Copper Programme, customers previously served via copper would now have access to the superfast, high quality service they demand and deserve.
TSTT engineers review a fiber plan. As the company moves ahead with its Zero Copper Programme, customers previously served via copper would now have access to the superfast, high quality service they demand and deserve.

New and existing bmobile customers can confidently look ahead to 2019 knowing that there will be exciting new products and services, all designed to rapidly, seamlessly and cost-effectively support their growth and development needs.

TSTT executive Rakesh Goswami assured the company will continue its digital transformation efforts to improve the service experiences for businesses and consumers.

TSTT executive Rakesh Goswami

"Our new business model is customer-centric and recognises the importance of ICT to support economic and national development. As the only full-service, national communications service provider, bmobile will remain a key partner in the fulfillment of our customers' future plans."

Bmobile was the first to introduce fixed wireless and mobile 4G LTE with the fastest transmission speeds available locally. Since then, many more sites have been added to improve coverage across Trinidad and Tobago. Goswami explained that copper is limited in its ability to deliver the superfast, high quality service that customers demand and deserve.

“As bmobile presses ahead in 2019, customer service will be at the core of our operations. Our wireless services will be critical to meeting the needs of customers at faster speeds, higher quality and lower costs. Bmobile's new digital approach will be supported by our zero copper programme which will see the removal of over 5,000 km of copper throughout Trinidad and Tobago and a continued investment in fiber optics and wireless technology,” said Goswami.

This outdoor receiver helps provide optimum coverage for customers to enjoy wireless services. In 2019, TSTT will continue rolling out its Zero Copper programme.

Copper removal and wireless upgrades using the latest WTTx (fixed wireless) technology have already begun in St Helena and Las Lomas, Trinidad and in L’anse Foumi and Castara, Tobago. The company is working with an aggressive rollout plan to quickly expand and serve a wider range of residential and business customers in a variety of geographical areas, especially in rural and traditionally underserved areas.

Expected improvements to customer service from the removal of copper and the expansion of the network include quicker access to these new modern technology solutions; a network with 5G speed capability; a significant decrease in the number of faults and service interruptions; high quality voice; increased Internet speeds up to 25 mbps with future network upgrades that can support 100mbps; and an expanded TV channel line-up of over 200 video and audio channels.

"As the technology landscape continues to evolve with broadband as the main driver of business and national development, bmobile continues to bring brand new service experiences to the people of Trinidad and Tobago using wireless, converged, customizable solutions that provide customers with the best value for money” said Goswami.

Bmobile can also boast of the most impressive data centre in Latin America and the Caribbean guaranteed by its TIA-942-B and SOC 2 certifications which place it among the top data centres globally. The multimillion dollar world-class data centre provides the full spectrum of data centre services including storage; back-up; co-location; disaster recovery and business continuity; add-on services; virtual machines; and either rental or on-demand computer infrastructure for companies.

The data centre is supported by a team of over 40 highly skilled and certified data centre professionals and training is ongoing to increase the number of staff who are ready to assist customers with the unlimited, secure storage capacity and cost-effective and seamless operations of cloud computing and cloud services.

Goswami added, "There is a growing demand for these high-end data services which underlie many of the revolutionary new solutions being offered in retail transformation, new product development and customer service. We have invested in these services so that our customers can enjoy the use of a fully-certified, internationally-recognized, safe, secure and affordable data centre and benefit from reduced business risks and lower business costs."


"bmobile promises exciting new developments in 2019"

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