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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

We want first class healthcare this year

THE EDITOR: Is anything being done by the Government to ensure the delivery of first class healthcare to the citizens of TT?

Too many people are suffering and too many children are dying due to the lack of a proper healthcare system. It is archaic to say the least.

One newspaper report states, “The family of a La Romaine woman, who died three days after she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at the San Fernando General Hospital, is blaming negligence for her death.

“The family of Maquader Martin, 26, also believe the hospital is trying to cover up the incident because the post-mortem was done on Sunday in the absence of any family member.”

It is abundantly clear from this and many other allegations that our country’s healthcare system needs a complete overhaul in 2019.

The Government has a responsibility to protect and advance the interests of society which includes the delivery of high-quality healthcare and first class customer service. The private sector by itself cannot ensure all of us access to top quality healthcare.

The Government must begin to take its role much more seriously in this new year and beyond by seeking the interests of citizens and rising to the occasion by supplementing the market where there are gaps and inefficiencies and regulating it more effectively because there are many incidents of unfairness and neglect.

The ultimate goal of achieving a high quality of care will require strong partnerships between the Government and the private sector. Translating general principles regarding the appropriate role of government into specific actions for the benefit of all within a rapidly changing world and health system will require the strong, committed and combined efforts of both the public and private sectors.


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Letters to the Editor