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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

No tears for North Stand

THE EDITOR: While I empathise with Pan Trinbago as it complains about a loss of revenue with the non-erection of the North Stand at the Queen’s Park Savannah this year, I prefer to look at one of the issues surrounding the stand – the disrespect shown to panmen by the part-time pan lovers, deejays and rhythm sections.

These fake pan lovers show up at the semi-finals, also called the “Savannah party,” where they display a love for the lime or feting rather than the pan.

Pan Trinbago has to often call on deejays and rhythm sections to “take it down.” This disrespect should never be happening in the mecca of pan.

A few years ago BPTT Renegades had to protest the loud music as the steelband was not being heard properly at the semi-final stage of the competition. Over the years, other bands have also protested the loud music.

Really, I shed no tears for the North Stand, it’s an under-utilised structure in the Carnival. After pan’s “Savannah party,” the North Stand is as dead as the proverbial dodo bird.

Maybe, just maybe, the money “saved” by not erecting the North Stand could go towards increasing the stipend paid to panmen, as well as prizes for the best-dressed steelband in the various categories.

RIP, North Stand.


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