New books for Fifth Company school library

Linda Ramsumir captures the attention of these youngsters at the Fifth Company Anglican School. File photo
Linda Ramsumir captures the attention of these youngsters at the Fifth Company Anglican School. File photo

BMOBILE and the non-governmental organisation United Way TT brought Christmas cheer to the pupils of Fifth Company (St Gregory’s) Anglican Primary School as they donated hundreds of new books to the school’s library.

This gesture was an effort to increase literacy in rural areas of TT, said a media release. Bmobile also made the visit to the quiet community a special one as brand ambassadors Brian Lara and Keshorn Walcott were there to spend time with the pupils.

TSTT’s manager, corporate responsibility and community affairs Anjanie Ramesar-Soom said at the presentation, “We are thankful to be here to upgrade your library with lots of new reading material for your betterment. “Reading and literacy is key to your future success. Having partnered with United Way, we at TSTT are intent on strengthening communities through education. This is one of the key focus areas of our bmobile Foundation.”

TSTT’s Anjanie Ramesar-Soom, United Way’s Linda Ramsumir, centre, and Brian Lara share in the children’s excitement as they peruse the new additions to the school’s library.

Over the past decade, via its Book Buddies Programme, TSTT’s employees have been donating textbooks and other school supplies to multiple children’s homes throughout TT. United Way, now in its third year working in this community, expressed great pleasure when bmobile opted to come on board to support this cause, the release said.

Linda Ramsumir, United Way’s community resource manager, reiterated the importance of bolstering the intellectual capabilities of children in rural communities. Through its five-year plan, United Way has also introduced an out-of-school music programme in which children from the community can learn to play several instruments.

Keshorn Walcott smiles as he comforts a toddler during his visit to Fifth Company, Moruga.

“United Way has been working assiduously in Fifth Company over the past three years and our goal is to help build their literacy initiatives. We’re focused on building their reading and writing skills and are grateful that bmobile came along as one of the partners to support the initiative. We’re trying to enhance their library space and provide teaching support for the teachers and remedial literacy. We’re also doing an out-of-school music programme which entails drumming and steelpan. We have been investing in the youth of this community.”

Bmobile also provided a Christmas treat in addition to the day of fun and games, the youngsters interacted with world-record holder Lara and double Olympic medallist Walcott.

Curtis Matthew, principal of Fifth Company Anglican gets an autograph from Brian Lara.

Lara said. “I’m happy to be a part of this initiative because it’s one of the neediest communities throughout TT and a lot of the times people tend to focus on more urban areas. United Way and bmobile have done their research and understand the dynamic of the village. Their works here show that both organisations have been positively interacting with the community. They are building a culture of philanthropy through TT, the spirit of volunteerism, and pouring back into the schools and communities.”

Curtis Matthew, principal of Fifth Company Anglican, was delighted by the intervention and agreed that improving literacy was crucial to the success of the community. “The library is evolving due to the works of United Way, bmobile and other partners and interest in reading is being fuelled by these exemplary organisations. This initiative is having such a positive impact on the youths because they are taking home the knowledge and spreading it throughout the community. It’s going a long way,” he added.

Bmobile and United Way have promised more help for the school’s library.


"New books for Fifth Company school library"

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