Mother of slain labourer: Vengeance belongs to the Lord

Janet Jugoon, mother of 34-year-old Anderson Jugoon who was fatally shot outside the home of his father at Gardenside Street, Scarborough on December 19, says she holds no malice towards the perpetrators of the crime.

"When the time comes, and they have to face justice, that they must do… but if you are a child of God, you have to forgive. You can’t talk forgiveness just for the sake of saying it… it has to be in your heart.

“The Lord wasn’t ready for my son as yet; the devil took him. That is the devil’s work, that is not God’s work. The Lord would give me the strength that I need to carry on. This is my cross and I have to bear it…

"God would make me stand strong and carry my cross. My family is very supportive so all of us would carry this cross. I have asked God for strength and that I know he would provide,” Jugoon said.

The mother described her son, a father of one, as “very respectful.”

“Falco use to call me every morning. He was the youngest of my children… all my children have their own ways, they are all different. Anything I ask Falco for, as long as he get it, he would give it to me. He was always a respectful guy to me, he respected me,” she said.

She leaves the matter of her dead son in God’s hand.

“The way how things going now I don’t believe they (police) would hold anybody, but I believe in God and I know Tobago is too small… somebody would talk. I am leaving this in the hands of God, there is a saying vengeance belongs to God and I believe that and so I am leaving this up to God. Whoever do it, they would come forward, somebody would talk.

"My heart is broken but God would mend my broken heart,” she said.

Anderson, also known as 'Falco Daniel,' a Scarborough labourer, was murdered last Wednesday night in what police believe was a robbery. He was Tobago's ninth murder for 2018.

Police reports indicate that around 10:05pm, Anderson was at the home of his 63-year-old father Nazimwhen the incident occurred. Reports are that Anderson knocked on the door to his father’s bedroom and asked him to open it. It is alleged that when the father opened the door, he noticed his son along with two masked men, dressed in dark clothing and armed with guns. It is alleged that one of the men dealt Anderson’s father a blow to the back of his head with his gun and pushed him into the room and demanded that he hand over his gold jewellery. One of the men then ransacked the house, while the other went outside with Anderson. The father reported that minutes later, he heard several loud explosions which was followed by the sound of the vehicle speeding off. The police were called in and when officers arrived on the scene, they reported that a trail of blood led them Anderson’s bullet-riddled lifeless body in his neighbour’s yard. Anderson was pronounced dead and his body ordered removed to the mortuary of the Scarborough General Hospital by the District Medical Officer.

The autopsy report on Thursday indicated that Anderson was shot five times; once to his head and four times to his back.

Speaking with Newsday Tobago outside the mortuary of the hospital on Thursday as she awaited the autopsy results, Jugoon said that Nazim called her during the ordeal.

“He called me, telling me...Falco outside and it look like the bandits outside beating him. He tell me call the police and I asking him, call the police for what, then he said, bandits outside beating up Falco and he think Falco dead.

“I called the police and they tell me that they know of the gunshots, it was then I asked them to go check it out. Later, my daughter came telling me, Mammy, Falco dead, she saw it on Facebook and I just move one time and went on the scene,” she said.


"Mother of slain labourer: Vengeance belongs to the Lord"

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