More resources for special education

More resources are being provided to support differently-abled students with Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, who is also the Secretary of Education, Innovation and Energy, saying this was one of the areas where the Division was collaborating with the Teaching Service Commission.

“I’m pleased to advise that the Commission has recently appointed seven special education teachers to fill vacancies at Happy Haven School for the deaf and at the Student Support Unit of the Division,” Charles said.

He also said a calming room has also been constructed for disabled children at the Happy Haven School, and another was being built at the School for the Deaf Speech and Language Impaired.

“These calming rooms are necessary for students who display tantrums or become uncontrollable at times. It’s part of the therapy, to manage those situations,” he said.

Charles also said special helmets have been ordered for children who are often violent towards themselves, to ensure their safety.


"More resources for special education"

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