More questions for TTFA boss

TTFA president David John-Williams (front row, fourth from right)  alongside other FIFA member associations delegation at a FIFA Forward seminar last week in Barbados.
TTFA president David John-Williams (front row, fourth from right) alongside other FIFA member associations delegation at a FIFA Forward seminar last week in Barbados.

PRESIDENT of the TT Football Association (TTFA) David John-Williams is being asked by TTFA board members to explain if he played a role in someone with no official connection to the association attending a two-day FIFA Forward workshop in Barbados last week – without the knowledge of the general secretary and membership.

Newsday has been informed that former TT Super League general secretary Camara David posted an image to his Instagram account which appeared to show him and John-Williams alongside high ranking officials from the regional FIFA member associations at the FIFA Forward workshop.

Look Loy sent John-Williams an email requesting information on TTFA’s representation at the FIFA Forward workshop.

“...I am also advised by the TTFA General Secretary (Justin Latapy-George) that he never received an invitation from FIFA on behalf of TTFA, and that he did not attend. Camara David is neither an employee nor an appointed representative of TTFA and I wonder how he could have attended while the GS was officially unaware of the event,” Look Loy wrote.

Look Loy’s concerns were echoed by Central Football Association (CFA) representative Clynt Taylor in his subsequent email to John-Williams. “I am also endorsing this call for an inquiry to allow for transparency and clarity I’ll be seeking a full endorsement from the CFA Board in this matter.”

Newsday asked John-Williams, via email, if David represented the TTFA at the workshop.

John-Williams responded saying, “Noted. I reserve any response. I will advise though that you do proper research on the information provided to you before publishing your story.”

The FIFA Forward workshop is targeted to regional member association presidents, general secretaries, development officers and finance directors as it deals with funds provided by FIFA for the development of member associations. FIFA recently announced an upgrade to its Forward programme, which meant member associations would receive boost of funding from US$5 million to US$6 million at the start of 2019.

Although Latapy-George’s contract expired on November 30, Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association vice-president Osmond Downer moved a motion at the recent AGM “that the AGM expressed satisfaction with the works of the general secretary during his tenure and exhort the president to take his into account in considering the renewal of the contract of the general secretary.” The motion was agreed to unanimously.

Latapy-George continues to serve as general secretary on a daily basis, although there are questions surrounding the relationship between himself and John-Williams.

In September, Latapy-George informed board members that he was instructed by John-Williams to hide former TTFA vice-president Joanne Salazar’s resignation from them. That matter stirred further controversy within the association as Salazar was presumed by some members to have been included in a vote to appoint Shawn Cooper as head coach for the women’s national team.

Look Loy is demanding answers about TTFA's representation at the FIFA workshop and believes John-Williams should go if David attended under the umbrella of the TTFA.

“Is this correct? Is this acceptable? Is this not further disrespect for the highest body in TTFA? The president has gone completely off the tracks and is operating like he owns the TTFA,” Look Loy said.

John-Williams’ leadership of the organisation continues to invoke questions over a lack of accountability to the board, most notably his refusal to share documentation related to the nearly complete Home of Football project. More recently, he was accused for reneging on his promise to pay national men’s team footballers their per diems and match fees which remain outstanding for over a year.

Newsday emailed John-Williams, while he was in Barbados, seeking his reaction to statements made by national team defender Sheldon Bateau who said there will be a player boycott if the funds are not paid in full.

“I am out of the country,” he responded.

Look Loy said he has raised the issue with CONCACAF.

Attempts to reach the Super League official to ascertain his role and function at the seminar were unsuccessful as incoming calls to his cellphone were restricted.


"More questions for TTFA boss"

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