PNM Tobago gears up for 2020 general election

The People’s National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council is gearing up for the 2020 general elections with Wendell Berkeley, Vice Chairman, saying activities will begin in the New Year towards this end.

“From January 1, we would be doing our management performance objectives so that from the party group right up to the Council, officers and members there would be objectives.

“These performances would be measured based on the adherence to these objectives. And so, we foresee a 2019 of upbeat activities for the movement and in preparation towards the general elections in 2020,” he said.

At a media briefing on Wednesday at the Council’s Office in Scarborough, Berkley said meetings will take place with communities and the PNM-led THA administration as well as party meetings.

“You know that we have the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) or the administration who have the meet the community, but the party would also embark on having its own community meetings.

“The party in governance and the party as a party, sometimes there’s a little difference when the Chief Secretary goes with his team, they speak to governance issues from a generic governance perspective. When we go as a party, we really speak to the politics of the country and the politics of the matter. So therefore, we are also going to have our own meetings,” he said.

Berkley listed achievements of the Tobago Council in 2018, among them the PNM’s annual convention on November 18 at Shaw Park which he said was “was well attended, all our issues well-articulated and the Prime Minister himself was the host.”


"PNM Tobago gears up for 2020 general election"

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