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In 2018, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in collaboration with bmobile, introduced a new category to its annual Champions of Business Awards – Business Technology. Over the last two weeks we profiled category winner WiPay (TT) Ltd and finalist Key Stone Designs ( Ltd. This week we are pleased to present the final of the finalists’ profiles – Sun Tixx Caribbean Ltd.

Sun Tixx Caribbean Ltd provides a technology-driven event ticketing service that manages the generation, distribution and sale of tickets for all sizes and types of events. An online TT event hub, it provides instant access to tickets via different sales channels.

“I founded Sun Tixx with Jean and our Columbian partner, Alejandro Trujillo in 2011,” says Jason Cox, chief technology officer. “Prior to starting this business, I had an active career in events management. Through this experience, I found that a gap in the market existed where ticket sales were being inefficiently managed and I wanted to find a solution.”

The services are delivered through proprietary software on Sun Tixx-managed servers, and was largely developed in-house by a locally schooled TT national. The service is accessible worldwide and is already being used in Colombia, Guyana and St Lucia.

Whether you are a patron looking to buy the hottest ticket or an organiser in search of the best ticketing solution, Sun Tixx Caribbean provides secure ticketing and access control technology across a wide range of categories including:

• Concerts and parties

• Sport events

• Arts and theatre

• Family attractions

• Conferences and expositions

• Cinemas

• Travel packages

Sun Tixx partners with multiple companies which distribute tickets at their establishments after they are bought from the platform, thus making it easier for patrons to collect tickets. It also makes it easier for event hosts to collect payments, and the technology allows for real-time tracking of ticket purchases, so that event hosts can track sales and plan for guests more efficiently.

Jean Marc Aimey is CEO, managing the day-to-day operations, while Cox manages programming. Together they developed and launched this proprietary technology platform and positioned themselves to be highly competitive, first in the Colombian market in 2012 and then in the Caribbean. By 2016 the company launched its mobile app and point-of-sale services at over 900 retail outlet locations in TT.

Not forgetting its corporate responsibility, the company has supported various charitable events, such as T20 cricket, by reducing its ticketing commission prices to raise funds for victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which devastated several Caribbean territories in 2017.

During 2018 the company continued to expand its operations and services across the region. Today, Sun Tixx has expanded into St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada and Barbados. This has made it the largest ticket distribution network provider in the Caribbean.


"Sun Tixx Caribbean Ltd"

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