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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Small size, smallminds a given?

THE EDITOR: The Global Competitive Index shows that TT ranks 105th out of 140 for market size. Quite apart from the ranking, the size itself remains small, a mere 0.03 per cent of world GDP with a ten-year average GDP growth of minus 0.3 per cent.

For local investors these cannot be encouraging figures and for non-nationals they are not going to be attractive. To expand the market sizing, capacities have to be increased and be accessible and inherent and new capabilities have to be facilitated and be utilisable. Imagination is needed with intelligence and acumen and courage to work beyond the box. And gains must repatriate to home TT.

Looking at the agenda of the Government there does not appear to be any rational and detached appreciation of the box let alone what is outside it. Also with this group analysing the way of the state of things usually proves to be a source of offence. An earlier group seemed to have a lot of imagination but somehow it all became vestigial and veronal in the end. Could “small size, small minds” be axiomatic?

E GALY via e-mail

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Letters to the Editor