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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Western Division cops sceptical of ‘Sex Island’

File photo: Marshelle Haseley
File photo: Marshelle Haseley

Senior police in the western division expressed scepticism but said they were prepared to respond to any such activities as the planned "Sex Island" sex party said to be planned for this weekend off north Trinidad.

A story in the New York Post reported that foreign promoters were advertising the party, to take place in this country.

Speaking to Newsday this morning, police said the likelihood of a large-scale event taking place without the knowledge of authorities was small

An officer said, "I am not concerned, because I know it won't be done. In fact it can't be done. I wouldn't permit it, the Commissioner (of Police) wouldn't permit it.

"They are advertising prostitution, they are advertising drugs, so that is definitely a no-no. I can't see something this large being held and the authorities not knowing, it sounds kind of far-fetched."

Newsday understands that the police are co-operating with the Coast Guard to keep watch over the islands off the coast of Chaguaramas.

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