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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Shot secondary school footballer discharged from hospital

Naparima College footballer Tyrike Andrews, 18, who was shot in a car at Claxton Bay on Saturday, has been discharged from hospital.

This afternoon, staff at the San Fernando General Hospital gave him the all-clear to leave.

His cousin Rondell Meharris, who turns 19 today (Wednesday), was also shot and wounded in the incident. He was discharged on Sunday.

Relatives told Newsday they are happy the cousins are "recuperating well" but expressed concern about police who initially mistook the victims for the perpetrators.

"The police in a marked vehicle stopped the car thinking they were the shooters. Police ordered them to come out the car, only to realise they were not the shooter. Police told them to go to the hospital. But police from an unmarked car told them to take the injured boys to the hospital," said a close male relative.

Police said shortly after 4 pm on Saturday, Andrews was in the front seat of the parked car and Meharris in the driver's seat, near Rose Hill and the Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay. They were waiting to pick up someone.

A man walked up to the car and said, "Oh dawg," followed by gunshots. Meharris was shot in the buttocks and Andrews in the left arm and leg. Meharris drove off.

It was while they were fleeing that police intercepted the car after getting reports of the shooting. After realising the mixup, police put Andrews in their vehicle and headed to the hospital.

"They took Tyrike in the police vehicle because his injuries were more serious. Rondell was in pain and he had to drive himself to the hospital. Police just escorted him. At that time, we did not the extent of his injuries or where he was shot.

"He could have capped out and caused accidents. That was not right, and I am angry about that. But he is getting better," the relative added.

Relatives believe the shooting was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On Sunday at 10.26 pm, the Secondary Schools Football League, via its Facebook page, offered prayers and support for Andrews.

The post read, "Our prayers are with him and his family. Tyrike was supposed to line up with the South/Central team in today's SSFL/Field of Dreams All-Star match at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium which North/East/Tobago won on penalty kicks."

It was accompanied by two photos of Andrews celebrating his team's victory and "some action play in the Coca-Cola Intercol final last Tuesday."

No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Couva police are investigating.

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