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Monday 21 October 2019
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Ex-Archbishop: God’s will is to inspire the disabled

Former RC Archbishop of 
Port of Spain, 
Joseph Harris.
Former RC Archbishop of Port of Spain, Joseph Harris.

Former RC Archbishop of Port of Spain Joseph Harris said one of the major reasons for having his biography written was to inspire people with disabilities and difficulties, and show they can accomplish anything their heart desires and become what they want to be.

He spoke to Newsday yesterday after the launch of the book, God’s Will, in a special first limited edition at the National Library, Abercromby Street, Port of Spain.

Harris said there are a lot of people with difficulties and disabilities in TT who think they cannot do what they really want to do, but by having faith in oneself and God, anything can be achieved.

He hopes the book will have a positive impact.

“I believe there are ideas from those with disabilities and difficulties about education and nation building and (they) should be taken seriously. I think Mr Valentino Singh did a good job and got the essence of what happened over the years of my life."

(Retired journalist Valentino Singh wrote the book, even though it has been described as an "autobiography.")

“Given the challenges the school principals of today endure (and that) as a nation, we are crying out for a complete overhaul of what we are doing within our education system. In my book I expressed concerns that TT had failed to develop a system of education which took into account different aptitudes and different learning systems, opting instead to push all students into grammar-school type of education.”

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