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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Repair Lengua landslip also

THE EDITOR: On behalf of the motorists and the people in general of Indian Walk, Princes Town, I extend a sincere thank you to the Minister of Works and Transport for the repair work done to the landslip near Loney Road.

Though it is one-lane traffic the situation is much more comfortable. We all look forward to the total restoration of the road.

The landslip in Lengua is almost impassable now and what we are requesting is what obtained at the landslip near Loney Road. Lengua Road serves as a diversion to Princes Town and other areas. This road was once a main hub and getaway from heavy traffic but no more.

We know that finances are tight but the cost to provide a single lane should not be prohibitive. We seek the minister’s assistance in this regard.


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Letters to the Editor