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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Gloves on allfood vendors

THE EDITOR: After a very long time of not eating the ever popular doubles I decided to have one on Sunday as is the custom of so many Trinis. I really intended to have two but on seeing that the vendor was not using gloves and handling the bara with his bare hands, I opted for one (that I knew I would not eat anyway).

Needless to say I gave it to my friendly street dweller who has been “living” in Woodbrook for the last five years. (I wonder how Finance Minister Colm Imbert will charge him property tax?)

Why is this practice still happening? I thought that the health authorities had addressed this? We must insist that gloves be worn when handling food. If it is a “law” then the “food inspectors” are not handling the situation efficiently based on what I saw on Sunday.

I wrote on this topic about eight years ago and I did observe some vendors using gloves recently but obviously not all. Let us hope that it does not take another eight years to have the situation completely under control.

W DOPSON, Woodbrook

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Letters to the Editor