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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Come clean on Sandals

THE EDITOR: The Government needs to be careful that the proposed Tobago Sandals does not suffer the same fate as the Scarborough Hospital and the Scarborough Library.

You will recall that it was the People’s Partnership government which had to clean up the mess and open both the hospital and library.

The Government appears to be only giving piecemeal information about the project – and only when there is public outcry.

There should be a public debate on tourism in TT, not just Tobago, because Trinidad has several tourism spots, probably more than Tobago.

The Government must not just splurge our limited money on Tobago for political gain. What is needed is a project that would raise the standard of living of our people, and bring in much needed foreign exchange.

The Government should come clean on the whole Sandals project.


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