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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Westmoorings ‘cleansing’welcomed and celebrated

THE EDITOR: Like it or not, we are in a serious dog fight and we have a lion by the name of Gary Griffith fighting for us.

So no more pussyfooting with criminals, big and small. And as Police Commissioner Griffith said on Tuesday, “happy hour over.”

Many people, including myself, live just a stone’s throw from where Tuesday’s multimillion-dollar drug bust took place in Westmoorings, and I can safely say Griffith and his team of highly trained officers were most welcomed and celebrated for their efforts by all of us who live in Westmoorings and surrounding areas.

This event comes on the heels of two significant drug busts in Chaguanas and Valsayn by a newly energised Police Service. You can bet your bottom dollar that most of the residents of those two areas are also pleased to have their neighbourhood cleansed of criminal elements, just like we are.

Having said that, we should all be concerned about the comments being made on social media and mainstream call-in programmes as they relate to people living in these so-called affluent areas.

There is now a perception that once you have acquired wealth in this country, you have done so by illicit means. This is distressing and extremely unfair to the many hard working and law-abiding citizens who live in areas similar to the ones mentioned above.

Stereotyping in any form or fashion is wrong. Judging people because of the colour of their skin, the texture of their hair, the car they drive or the area they reside in is wrong. Plain and simple.

Not all the people living in affluent areas are involved in illicit activities. In the same way, not all the people living in the so-called hot spots are lawless and involved in criminal activities.

Back on the hot topic of crime busting, we now have a top cop with the testicular fortitude and managerial skill set to execute these complex police operations successfully, and we need to support him 100 per cent.

Finally, these drug-dealing, gun-running and murderous gangs that have had our country in a stranglehold are witnessing first hand what police can do.

These criminals have just about infested every nook and cranny of our sweet TT, so no area can be singled out for special mention when it comes to crime anymore.

Give GG some time and he will sniff out these lowlifes, one by one, and take a big bite out of crime. Let us assist the police with information that leads to the successful capturing of criminals, similar to what we witnessed in Regents Gardens, Chaguanas and Valsayn.

Well done, Griffith and keep fighting the good fight for the red, white and black.

STEVEN VALDEZ via e-mail

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