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Saturday 15 December 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Celebrating Buju Banton?

THE EDITOR: What has this country really become? I understand that a certain promoter is planning a concert next April in Trinidad with Jamaican artiste Buju Banton who is expected to be released from prison in the US tomorrow.

I also understand that there will be a motorcade celebrating his release, also tomorrow, through Port of Spain, ending in Woodbrook at a popular bar, where obviously there will be a huge party.

While I have nothing against his “music” and no objection to a concert with him, celebrating the release from prison of a convicted felon with a motorcade through the city is beyond comprehension.

What kind of message are the organisers sending to our youth? That they can break the law, serve a prison sentence and come out as a hero? Really? I wonder if a similar-type reception will be held in his homeland Jamaica?

Who gave permission for this motorcade? Was there a motorcade for Calypso Rose through the city celebrating the numerous international awards she has received in the past three years? Now that is a heroine if you ask me.

I guess I can only sum this up with the local saying – we reach.

W DOPSON, Woodbrook

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