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Thursday 19 September 2019
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Attorneys act on behalf of suspended airport security officer

LAWYERS representing Airports Authority estate constable Kelvon Alexander says he was subjected to an “unlawful, oppressive and completely unjustified” punitive suspension.

In a letter to Supt Avril Daly-Brassey, of the authority’s security force yesterday, attorney Kiel Tacklalsingh said the decision to suspend Alexander was an abuse of power “demonstrative of a sycophantic eagerness to appease public figures.”

Alexander was suspended on November 16, for two weeks without pay, because he was allegedly discourteous to Minister of Foreign Affairs Dennis Moses and Minister of Planning and Development Camille Robinson-Regis on September 20.

An investigation by the Estate Police Association (EPA), of which he is a member, found he committed no offence.

Alexander’s complaint is now in the grievance procedure stage after the EPA took up the case.

Tacklalsingh said neither minister were in possession of a proximity card or an airport security restricted-area pass, nor did he know his supervisor had allowed them to go through a restricted doorway.

The lawyer said Alexander was told by one of the ministers: “I am the minister and I am accustomed coming through the door and you have to open the door for me.” Alexander then explained to them he did not have clearance to let anyone through the door, the lawyer’s letter said.

Tacklalsingh said his client was asked to write a report, which he did, but was not told he was being investigated for misconduct and was then suspended without a hearing.

He also said Alexander was not provided with the alleged CCTV footage of the incident which led to his suspension nor was he provided with the evidence of his alleged discourteous or injudicious behaviour.

Alexander has also denied that his conduct was discourteous, injudicious and unprofessional, the letter said, adding that he should instead be commended for preventing a breach of the law and resisting the temptation to bend the rules at the “behest of presumptuous and vainglorious public figures.”

In a statement on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs said Moses and Robinson-Regis were returning from Guyana on September 20, when they were escorted through a secure area of the Piarco airport terminal building so they could exit.

“For ease of departure, the ministers were guided through the duty free area to the first visible exit, which was controlled by Airports Authority security personnel. The security officer on duty at the exit indicated that the party should proceed to the Customs area to exit the building.

“The protocol officer identified the ministers to the officer and requested that the security officer facilitate their passage through the exit. However, access was denied. Following an exchange between the security officer and the Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, the party exited the terminal building via the Customs area.”

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