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Monday 27 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT must change to survive

THE EDITOR: It is hard to deny that TT seems to be experiencing difficult times – the unwavering crime rate, the dormant and stifled economy and the sanded-down morale of the citizenry leaves much to be desired. Could the days we are now experiencing been avoided? What can be done now? I may not have all the answers and neither may you, but one thing is certain. We cannot continue along this road.

In 2015, I decided to stand up against a political system that I felt had been abusing TT for too long. I felt that I, like many others, wanted change, and so I took the bold step of running as an independent candidate. It was an experience of a lifetime, meeting so many incredible people and really getting a better chance of understanding what was needed in our country; it was truly then that I was reassured of the tough choice I had made to take such a chance.

Time has passed yet nothing has changed. Citizens are feeling the pinch and the brunt of politics at its worst. As the next election looms close, one must ask if we really can do the same things and get a different result and whether the trust that people continue to put in old ideas is really worth it. To me, the answer is simple, change is not only something to be worked for but what our survival depends on.

I am not certain as to the vehicle, the specifics or the answers yet but it is clear that new politics is what our country needs. I am prepared to work for it, vote for and believe in it...are you?

Jowelle De Souza via e-mail

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