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Monday 10 December 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Griffith was a humble servant

THE EDITOR: The tribute paid to the late former government minister Rupert Griffith by Arima Member of Parliament and Education Minister Anthony Garcia in Parliament last week was moving and fitting for a man who was truly a humble servant of the citizens of our nation.

Having met Griffith myself several years ago, I can attest to Garcia’s spot-on description of him as being a person who never bore grudges nor made enemies during his life.

Garcia also praised Griffith’s manner of disagreeing with people who held views and opinions that were opposite to his own in a gentlemanly manner, by offering different opinions in a calm, respectful way and by providing constructive criticism where necessary.

He was also a strong patriot who always strived to do the very best to improve his country by seeking to improve the lives of its people.

May this blessed son of the soil rest in peace and may he always be a sterling example to our citizens on how to treat one another with respect and understanding in our daily lives.


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