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Monday 27 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Improving public transportation

THE EDITOR: If the Government is serious about improving public transport to benefit all citizens, then it must amend the Public Transport Service Act to provide for the following:

* Two separate ministries from the current one.

* A change from PTSC to National Transit Authority (NTA).

* New ministry to offer route taxi service, bus service, water taxi service, pleasure or leisure bus service.

* Replacement of all route colour-coded bands on maxis with new logo and colours.

* Re-registration of owners of maxis and taxis as official NTA providers.

* Removal of purchase taxes and rights regime from the licensing structure.

* Development of new insurance policies for all authorised providers.

* Development of new routes, schedules and fare structure.

* Standardised seating capacity for all types and makes of vehicles used by the NTA with comfort being the hallmark of travel.

* Consideration of 24-hour services throughout all established routes competing directly with PH drivers.

* Development of parameters of risk associated with PH usage.

* Involvement in the party bus business.


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