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Monday 10 December 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Become an entrepreneur

THE EDITOR: TT needs to put policies in place to encourage more people to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the ability to take problems or inconveniences faced in this life and turn them into opportunities to create a product or service that makes an impact on the world.

Entrepreneurship is not selling bread on the side of the road for another company. The advantages of entrepreneurship where you are the boss far outweigh the disadvantages of working for an ungrateful company.

Though your salary is never fixed monthly, working for a successful start-up can end up becoming an exciting experience with the potential of bringing great wealth. Having a passion for what you do will make you a happier individual in the long term.

Though entrepreneurship means long hours, the benefits of building a business is that you are in charge of when you want to work and for how long.

Entrepreneurship is inspiring because you are the boss. You have control in what is happening in your own company in terms of its direction and policies and you can’t be unfairly fired.

With entrepreneurship you no longer have to waste your time and effort working for a company that does not value your contribution.

Become an entrepreneur!


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