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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Student ,16, missing, Anti-Kidapping police investigating

MOTHER of two, Shondel Shallow hugged and kissed her 16-year-old daughter, Shindlar Cuffy and sent her in a taxi to be taken to the Marabella North Secondary School on Monday morning.

Sadly, the form five student did not make it to school and parents are now fearing the worst after the teenager has disappeared without a trace.

Police from the Anti-Kidnapping Unit have now intervened and are questioning several people in the teen’s disappearance. Staff at the school confirmed that the student was absent on Monday.

Her mother has given a description of the car and driver to police as well as a photograph of the teen, which was circulated to police stations across the country.

According to police report at about 7 am ,Shallow and her daughter left their Rosehill Trace, Claxton Bay home and walked unto the Southern Main Road to await a taxi.

A few minutes later, a white AD wagon taxi stopped in front of them, with two other passengers. Shindlar entered the car.

At about 3.30 pm, Shallow became worried when her daughter did not arrive home as Shindlar usually returned by that time. She called her daughter’s cell phone but calls went to voicemail.

Shallow went to the school and learnt that her daughter did not show up to school.

Cuffy’s father Joshua usually picks up his daughter on mornings from her Claxton Bay home and drops her to and from school. But for the past eight days he was unable to do so.

“Your daughter goes in a taxi for school and then she goes missing. This is madness. These are stories you hear and read about. I would have never believed that this would have happened to me. I don’t want anything to happen to my daughter,” the emotional father told Newsday today.

Maynard said words could not explain how he was feeling. He said his daughter is his joy. “She is an intelligent, kind and loving girl whom any father would be proud of. My heart is really breaking. I could not even sleep last night. I am always taking her to school and picking her back up and this these last few days. No, no ,no I just want this to be a dream.”

Cuffy’s aunt, Dekisha Kissoon told Newsday that relatives are devastated. “Right now everyone are like fishes out of water. We are calling all her friends. We are looking through the neighbourhood. We don’t know what to do,”the emotional woman said.

“Please whoever has my niece, please I am begging. Please, please send her home. She is just a child, oh Gosh no.”

Couva police are also investigating.

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