TT Spirit engineer sues after head injury

ENGINE room engineer Andwele Collingswood James has sued Bay Ferries Management Ltd for damages for a head injury he suffered while working on the TT Spirit four years ago.

In a claim filed in the High Court by attorney Odai Ramischand, James said that on October 25, 2014, he was standing on the main deck to refuel the TT Spirit, which was docked at the port in Port of Spain. It was due to return to Scarborough at 4 pm that day.

James, 49, said he was standing on the inboard side of the port door when suddenly someone recklessly dropped a cable from the lifeboats onto the main deck. The cable struck James and he suffered a brain injury. The lawsuit stated the injury resulted in James been unable to hear in his left ear.

In addition, he claims to have blurred vision in his left eye, recurrent headaches and partial sexual impotence. James is contending that Management Services Ltd was responsible for his employment on the TT Spirit and had a responsibility to ensure a safe workplace, especially while he carried out his duties.

At the time, the vessel transported passengers, people, vehicles and other cargo on the seabridge. James want damages for personal injuries, interest and costs.


"TT Spirit engineer sues after head injury"

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