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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Police capture Hennessy bandits after chase

A mad dash for freedom was short- lived for three friends who robbed a Chaguanas bar of bottles of alcohol and money, when police caught them after a 30-minute chase.

During the chase, police said the bandits threw the stolen bottles of Hennessy cognac and Absolut vodka out of the moving car, and they broke into pieces along the road.

A police report said at about 9.30pm on Thursday, the men, aged 35, 26 and 28, armed with guns, entered a bar in Charlieville and announced a hold-up.

They ordered the owner to hand over cash and several bottles of cognac and vodka. The men then put the alcohol in bags and left in a white Nissan wagon parked nearby.

The bar owner contacted police and units were alerted from different districts, including the Chaguanas CID, Freeport CID, Gasparillo and St Margaret’s.

Reports said a police first spotted the men speeding along the highway near Chaguanas. They tried to intercept the car near the Claxton Bay Flyover, but the men drove faster and turned into Forres Park Trace.

Eyewitnesses said cars on the road pulled aside as scores of police cars chased the wagon. Villagers who heard the police sirens were seen looking out of their windows.

The chase continued into the Macaulay area and one bandit jumped out of the moving car as it approached the Macaulay Community Centre. He jumped into a drain and police held him.

The two other bandits drove off, but were intercepted on a dead-end street nearby.

The men, all from St Margaret’s, are expected to be charged today.

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