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Friday 24 May 2019
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Healing jewellery

Mom turns soothing oils into business

WHAT started off as a pet project to help her daughter relax for the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam (SEA), is now blossoming into a business for mother of two, Rebecca Sitahal-Flemming.

In an interview with Business Day, Sitahal-Flemming said her eldest daughter sat SEA in 2016 and leading up to the exam was stressed out about it.

She was given advice from her mother for the girl to use a herbal heat pad and eye mask infused with essential oils. Seeing daughter's anxiety calmed, Sitahal-Flemming also began using the oils and sharing it with family members and friends. Her next step was using the oils with jewellery. From there her business was born.

Her husband, Randall, encouraged her to pursue passion projects and he did likewise after they both walked away from their jobs in entertainment. From then it was "very rewarding" but not without its challenges. Sitahal-Flemming began putting droplets of her essential oils into her lava beads and other beads she uses to make her rings, earrings, necklaces and hand-bands.

Using the initials of her name RSF, she came up with Rejuvenate SoulFully (RSF) as her business name. With no store front, customers can reach her by searching for Rejuvenate SoulFully (RSF) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Her encouragement to other entrepreneurs is to be committed to their passion. She invited people to support the local artisan industry because most of them "put in a lot of love and we are very proud of our work".

Her products are all unisex and cashing in on her daughter's success, now a form three student at St Joseph's Convent, Port of Spain, she has a product called the "homework helper" which, she said, calms a child and allows them to focus on their work. Each piece of jewellery comes with a vile of essential oils chosen by the customer.

"A few drops can last several hours and the different scents can be used to treat different ailments. Orange can be used to revive your mood, peppermint and lavender can help with reducing stress levels and cedar-wood used to help you focus," Sitahal-Flemming said.

The 42-year-old Petit Valley woman said her aim is to have fashion with a function, a "win win" of sorts. At first, her doubts stifled her but with encouragement from her family and the support of friends and positive feedback from customers, Sitahal-Flemming pressed on. Her greatest advice came from her family who told her to have faith in her product and she will succeed.

"Lava beads jewels are nothing unique but to have them infused with the oils is what makes me stand out," Sitahal-Flemming said.

While having scents that can be used for all sorts of ailments, even one as an aphrodisiac, Sitahal-Flemming said she has not come across or concocted any scents that can help get over a failed relationship.

She joked: "I don't have anything for horn (infidelity) but I do have 'Love Is'."

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