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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Modeste keeps Parkites' title race alive

VETERAN forward Devon Modeste led Queen's Park with four goals in a crucial 5-0 away win to RSSR FC in Curepe on Sunday, keeping the club with a fighting chance of winning the TT Super League crown with two rounds remaining.

Modeste, who earlier this season scored a hat-trick against Petit Valley/Diego Martin United, scored one goal in the first half against RSSR, before scoring another hat-trick in the second, carrying his season-long tally to 14 goals – 10 of which were scored in the last five matches.

Jared Bennett scored the other goal for Queen's Park just before the hour-mark.

The win kept Queen's Park three points off of leaders FC Santa Rosa, who won this weekend without kicking a ball.

FC Santa Rosa were scheduled to face Metal X Erin FC. However, the latter defaulted their past two matches and will not play for the remainder of the season due to apparent internal issues at the club.

As a result, FC Santa Rosa were awarded a default 3-0 win. Queen's Park will also be awarded an automatic 3-0 win this weekend as they were carded to face Erin FC.

FC Santa Rosa, therefore, will need a win or at the very least a draw against an inconsistent San Fernando Giants on Friday if they are to maintain their lead heading into the final round of matches.

Saturday's results:

Metal X Erin FC vs FC Santa Rosa - FC Santa Rosa won 3-0 by default

Guaya United 7 (Jody Allsop 5th, Leroy Jones 15th, 34th, 64th, 85th, Glenton Wolfe 45th+1, Duran Felician own goal 76th) vs Club Sando 2 (Stephon Jack 13th, Keeron Benito 29th)

Sunday's results:

San Fernando Giants 3 (Philvoughn Jones 63rd, Arkido Joseph 83rd, Arvid Applewhite 86th) vs Prison Service FC 3 (Antonio Auguste 38th, Nathan Julien 69th, 84th)

RSSR FC 0 vs Queen's Park 5 (Devon Modeste 30th, 53rd, 68th, 81st, Jared Bennett 58th)

Cunupia FC 3 (Hakeem Legall 27th, Gerald Meloney 85th, Kevon Woodley 90th+1) vs Petit Valley/Diego Martin United 1 (Akiel Thomas 63rd)

Police FC 5 (Ricardo Peltier 9th, Chris Collins 27th, Kenton Roberts own goal 29th, Kyle Andrews 62nd, Dwight Elliot 86th) vs Matura Reunited 2 (Irvin Reyes 69th prn, Brendon Figuera 90th+3)

Bethel United 0 vs UTT 0


Thursday – Cunupia FC vs RSSR FC, Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, 7 pm.

Friday – FC Santa Rosa vs San Fernando Giants, Arima Velodrome, 8 pm.

Saturday – Club Sando vs RSSR FC, Dibe Recreation Ground, Long Circular Road, 6 pm; UTT vs Police FC, UTT Ground, O'Meara, 7 pm.

Sunday – Matura Reunited vs Guaya United, TBA; Prison Service FC vs Cunupia FC, YTC Ground, Arouca, 3.30 pm; Petit Valley/Diego Martin United vs Bethel United, St Anthony's College Ground, 3.30 pm.



FC Santa Rosa*24*18*3*3*69*22*57

Queen's Park*24*16*6*2*74*28*54

Guaya United*24*14*6*4*53*29*45

Prison Service*24*12*9*3*44*32*45

Cunupia FC*23*11*8*4*47*26*41

Police FC*24*10*5*9*40*35*35


RSSR FC*23*7*7*9*31*41*28


San F'do Giants*24*4*10*10*34*51*22


Bethel Utd*24*5*6*13*32*57*21

Club Sando*24*4*3*17*23*49*15

Erin FC*24*2*4*18*23*60*7

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