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Sunday 19 May 2019
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Maloney man accuses Children’s Authority of negligence

Suspects his son is a victim of sexual abuse

A 33-year-old Maloney man is accusing Child Protection Police Officers as well as an investigator from the Children’s Authority of being negligent in their duties with respect to an investigation into the alleged sexual assault of his two and a half year-old son.

The man told Newsday he and his son’s mother separated and through the court he was granted 11 days custody of the child while his former girlfriend has custody for three days.

He said on April 1, he observed that when his son returned after his three-day stay with his mother his anus appeared to be reddish and swollen and he was irritable and withdrawn.

“I immediately took my son to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) so that he could be treated and examined, but I was advised to take my son to Child Protection Unit so that other arrangements could be made to have him examined by a district medical officer.

He pointed out this arrangement did not work out and in frustration he returned to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where a doctor assigned to the paediatric ward examined his son. He said the report dated May 14 revealed anal laceration sexual assault with a question mark.

The man said that this report was made available to CPU officers and Children’s Authority. “I later discovered that this medical report was omitted in a report submitted to a magistrate who is seeking the interest of my son’s welfare.

According to the concerned father, he is now in the process of seeking legal advice and will be writing to Attorney General Faris Al Rawi for advice on his situation.

He said his son continues to be withdrawn and ill whenever he visits his mother and he is hoping to have his concerns addressed in an effort to save his son from any further sexual abuse.

“I believed that because his mother has connections in the police service everything is being covered up but I intend to fight to save my son from any further abuse,” the man vowed.

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