Digicel to gift 70,000 customers free phones

Digicel CEO Jabbor Kayumov
Digicel CEO Jabbor Kayumov

Jabbor Kayumov, CEO, Digicel (Trinidad & Tobago) announced yesterday that his company will be giving out 70,000 free handsets to their top 2G existing customers who were unable to access their recently upgraded LTE network. He said: “Our LTE network is the biggest network in TT and quite superior to anything and operates very well. We are the fastest mobile network in TT and we want to cover those active customers of ours who couldn’t afford to avail themselves with LTE enabled handsets so we are coming up with a gift specifically targeted to those customers. The big reveal is we are going to come up with 70,000 handsets for those selected customers who will be contacted by Digicel via texts or calls.”

Those customers will then enjoy a data experience in the new 4G/LTE network via their new handsets from the Nokia brand.

The free phone giveaway will cost Digicel over US$2 million.

Digicel upgraded its network to 4G/LTE, an investment of $250 million earlier this year.

But Digicel’s gift giving doesn’t stop there. There will be discounts chock full of value for the season. Kayumov said: “This Christmas we are going to have a gift and surprises for all of our existing customers, even those who had been planning to join Digicel. So it’s a great opportunity to join our upgraded LTE network. We are proposing for our existing prepaid customers a 25 per cent discount on our 30-day unlimited plan which initially cost $390. now it’s only going to be $292, with a saving of $300 over three months.

“For those who had been planning to join Digicel and buy a handset in our branded shops or any other third party shops, they can come up with their own handsets and enjoy six months discount for the same plan and it will actually give them the savings of almost $600.”

Digicel’s 30-day unlimited plan includes voice, all local calls, internet and SMS within the network.

“For new customers who buy a handset in our shops or come with their own smartphone handsets they will have an opportunity to enjoy 12 months discount. This type of offer has not been on the market for quite a long period of time. These offers are available till January 1, 2019,” said Kayumov.

He added that for Digicel’s home entertainment customers, starting with those who have been planning to join and get connected with its fibre at home, he said for them, this Christmas offer would be a flat $100 discount for any plan they decide to join.


"Digicel to gift 70,000 customers free phones"

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