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Sunday 19 May 2019
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Princes Town woman beaten and raped

A 19-year-old Princes Town woman who was beaten and raped by a man she accepted a lift from, used her cell phone to photograph the number plate of the man’s car early Sunday, in an attempt to help police capture him.

The woman reported that she left home around 2.15 am to visit her boyfriend, who lived a short distance away.

While walking on the road, a man in a car stopped and offered to take her to her destination.

She accepted the lift but noticed the driver veered off route. When she asked why, he said he had to collect some fruits from a fruit stall which he owned.

The woman agreed to accompany the man to the fruit stall and while there he asked her to have sex with him.

She told the man she wanted to urinate and went to the back of the car where she took a photo of his number plate.

She then hid the phone and the man overpowered her and began hitting her, before raping her.

When it was over, the woman hid in some bushes and called Princes Town police who arrived and took her to the Princes Town station. She was then examined by a doctor.

Police have identified the man but are still searching for him.

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