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Sunday 19 May 2019
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Chaguanas man steals PTSC bus and goes on a rampage

Photo sourced from social media.
Photo sourced from social media.

A Chaguanas man stole a Public Transportation Service Corporation (PTSC) bus this morning and went on a wild rampage, causing early morning pedestrians to flee as he crashed into several parked vehicles and a house, before his short-lived adventure ended.

Chaguanas police officers confirmed a short while ago that the man who sustained injuries, is being treated at the district health centre. Police could not say the extent of injuries suffered or if the injuries were life threatening.

It is expected the suspect may undergo psychiatric evaluation as well.

“The offender is receiving treatment at the moment, no charges have been laid as the officers are still with him,” an officer at the Chaguanas station told Newsday.

Reports indicate that around 3 am on Monday the suspect stole the bus, HCC 1018, from the PTSC garage which is located opposite the Chaguanas police station. The 55-year-old man believed to be from Longdenville, drove the stolen bus in an easterly direction on the main road. Police said he drove in a reckless manner crashing into several vehicles and a house, in his path.

Photos circulating on social media showed a vehicle under the flyover, which eye witnesses claimed belonged to a newspaper vendor. The vendor narrowly escaped with her life, but the impact caused a domino effect as the van crashed into a parked truck owned by BK Holdings and the truck crashed into a nearby building.

In September, a groundsman was jailed for five years for stealing a mobile clinic used for testing blood including HIV tests, from the Port of Spain General Hospital.

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