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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Walker, Khillawan, Deboulet aiming for triple crowns

JOHANNAH Walker, Nathaniel Khillawan and Chequeda Deboulet will all aim for triple crowns when the 2018 Solo Junior Badminton Tournament continues at the National Racquet Centre in Tacarigua, today.

Yesterday, Khillawan advanced to the finals of the boys Under-19 singles, the boys Under-19 doubles and the mixed Under-19 doubles. Also in the Under-19 category, Walker and Deboulet both qualified for the girls singles finals, the girls doubles finals and the mixed doubles finals.

Champions will also be crowned today in the Under-17, Under-15, Under-13 and Under-11 age groups. Matches will be played today from 9 am to 5 pm.


Boys Singles Under-11: Andrew Babwah def Luke Mollah 21-11 21-15; Ethan Ramcharan def Hassan Khan 21-9 21-6.

Girls Singles Under-11: T'Shelle Barnes def Emily Lewis 21-7, 21-7; Nicha Fraser def Rishelle Boodoosingh 21-1, 21-2.

Boys Doubles Under-11: Luke Mollah/Aeden Williams def Terrell Hernandez/Akeel Khan - walkover.

Girls Doubles Under-11: Arianna Mansook/Aliyah Urquhart def Kimora Lee Bissessar/Rishelle Boodoosingh 21-13, 21-7.

Mixed Doubles Under-11: Andrew Babwah/T'Shelle Barnes def Luke Mollah/Emily Lewis 21-6, 21-19; Aeden Williams/Yelena Lewis def Akeel Khan/Rishelle Boodoosingh 21-14, 21-9.

Boys Singles Under-13: James Babwah def Tyrelle Lamorelle 21-13, 21-8; Aditya Maharaj def Jace Smith 21-15, 21-19.

Girls Singles Under-13: Danyelle Barnes def Amara Urquhart 21-16, 18-21, 21-12; Sanna Guria def T'Shelle Barnes 21-14, 23-21.

Boys Doubles Under-13: Aditya Maharaj/Jace Smith def Ethan Ramcharan/Kiran Rampersad 21-17, 21-11.

Mixed Doubles Under-13: James Babwah/Kara Ashley Robertson def Tyrelle Lamorelle/Kassy La Morelle 21-9, 21-13; Kiran Rampersad/Sanna Guria def Jace Smith/Danyelle Barnes 21-7, 19-21, 26-24.

Boys Singles Under-15: Travis Sinanan def Donovan David 21-17, 21-14; Reece Marcano def Tian Ramdath 21-16, 21-14.

Girls Singles Under-15: Cathline Ramroop def Janiah Boodoosingh 21-8, 21-8; Danae Mootoosingh def Amara Joachim 22-20, 21-13.

Boys Doubles Under-15: Donovan David/Reece Marcano def Seth Mollah/Tian Ramdath 7-21, 21-11, 21-11; Jamaal Copeland/Nicholi Marcano def Sameer Ali/Verone Salick 21-10, 21-11.

Girls Doubles Under-15: Danyelle Barnes/Kyra James def Amara Joachim/Danae Mootoosingh 16-21, 21-17, 21-16; Zharia Hinds/Cathline Ramroop def Janiah Boodoosingh/Jada Smith 21-9, 21-2.

Mixed Doubles Under-15: Travis Sinanan/Sonja Cassie def Nicholas Khillawan/Kyra James 21-11, 21-13; Seth Mollah/Janiah Boodoosingh def Nadeem Latchan/Danae Mootoosingh 17-21, 21-18, 21-15.

Boys Singles Under-17: Zion St Rose def Travis Sinanan 21-12, 21-17; Josiah Hitlal def Justin Samaroo 24-22, 15-21, 21-9.

Girls Singles Under-17: Cathline Ramroop def Waynetta Thomas 21-16, 21-9; Alyssa Ramdath def Simone George 21-12, 21-11.

Boys Doubles Under-17: Luke Lutchman/Uzair Omardeen def Justin Samaroo/Luke Tagalie 21-16, 22-20; Reece Marcano/Zion St Rose def Reval Jaggessar/Jae Marc Tagalie 21-19, 21-11.

Girls Doubles Under-17: Kristy Diljohn/Sadhika Jaggessar def Simone George/Zharia Hinds 22-20, 21-18; Kayanna Blake/Rianne Singh def Keviann Quamina/Princess Ward 21-12, 21-11.

Mixed Doubles Under-17: Mattaus Joachim/Amara Joachim def Justin Samaroo/Sonja Cassie 13-21, 21-17, 21-15; Jae Marc Tagalie/Kristy Diljohn def Josiah Hitlal/Waynetta Thomas 16-21, 21-18, 21-9.

Boys Singles Under-19: Nathaniel Khillawan def Josef Gonzalez 21-9, 21-11; Leon Cassie def Amir Mahabir 21-7, 23-21.

Girls Singles Under-19: Chequeda Deboulet def Sandhya Cassie 21-13, 21-17; Johannah Walker def Ananda Ramsingh 21-12, 21-17.

Boys Doubles Under-19: Leon Cassie/Josef Gonzalez def Kobie Khan/Aidan Mootoosingh 21-7, 21-16; Nathaniel Khillawan/Josh Patrong def Hezekiah Boodoo/Joshua Hussein 15-21, 21-13, 21-19.

Girls Doubles Under-19: Sandhya Cassie/Ananda Ramsingh def Faith Mollah/Waynetta Thomas 21-17, 21-12; Chequeda Deboulet/Johannah Walker def Rosanna Blake/Shania Lee - walkover.

Mixed Doubles Under-19: Nathaniel Khillawan/Chequeda Deboulet def Josef Gonzalez/Ananda Ramsingh 24-22, 21-19; Zion St Rose/Johannah Walker def Leon Cassie/Sandhya Cassie 21-13, 17-21, 21-16.

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