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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Corrupt flood relief

THE EDITOR: Not surprised while reading one of our dailies to read that some ten people are under investigation for corrupt practice with the issuing of checks in relation to flood victims.

Let us face it, our country is plagued with many who are just addicted to corruption. It's not just me saying this but we are labelled as being a corrupt country by many and things are not getting better. Here we have people in need and thousands of citizens trying to help but there are criminal elements that see an opportunity to be dishonest and go into action.

Do these people know that their conduct can cause others who need urgent assistance to be delayed for an investigation of the entire system can be launched causing a delay. TT is a beautiful place but I am no fool. I am Trini to the bone but there are some of our citizens who simply do not care about this land. Their wicked acts are consistently pulling us down as a nation and that is the blatant truth.

I do hope that they will be dealt with speedily according to the law if found guilty.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan

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Letters to the Editor