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Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Welcome move for education

THE EDITOR: I was happy for the opportunity to attend the Ministry of Education’s public consultation on the education policy paper at Naparima College in San Fernando.

I heard many interesting contributions and recommendations from members of the public and people involved in education and I also took the opportunity to share my views.

This kind of public consultation to afford principals, teachers and especially parents to say what they would like to see happen to improve the education system for the benefit of students is very good.

Often the ordinary man is not given the opportunity to help shape public policy which directly affects him and his children.

This is a welcome initiative on the part of the ministry because the system is very important to the future of our children and, by extension, the country.

Parents play a significant role in the education system because they are aware of the many issues affecting students. The ministry must take on board their views to address the many situations facing students in the classrooms.


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