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Monday 20 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

‘No Parking’ police signs being used by residents, businesses

THE EDITOR: I wonder if the police are aware that a number of its “No Parking” signs that are being used by businesses and private residences for purposes other than intended by the police commissioner?

It has long become the norm to see these signs in front of certain businesses and residences being used to reserve parking spaces for their private vehicles, both cars and trucks.

There was an incident some time ago where a policeman wanted to give a ticket to a motorist for parking his vehicle on a street in St Clair where a “No Parking” sign was placed, even though everyone knew there were never any parking restrictions on that particular street.

The reason for the sign being in place then was because the owner of the premises was really blocking that spot on the road in order to park his/her vehicle.

There is another blatant case on Woodford Street in Newtown, Port-of-Spain, where a radio station is located.

There are two “No Parking” signs placed on the street outside the radio station that prevent motorists from parking on that spot, because, apparently, the spot has been “reserved” for someone.

This situation is replicated throughout the country and I wonder if any inventory is taken of these signs and any checks made to see if they serve the purposes for which they were intended.


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Letters to the Editor