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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Square Cutters beats Full of Vibes by four runs

(From left) Upendra Udharamaney, Kern Ramlochan, Dr Nicholas Figaro, and Daniel Isles if the Hillview 
Renegades get ready for competition.
(From left) Upendra Udharamaney, Kern Ramlochan, Dr Nicholas Figaro, and Daniel Isles if the Hillview Renegades get ready for competition.

THE SECOND ROUND of the Ross Cup T20 Tournament, a pilot project sponsored by Republic Bank, continued its fast pace last weekend with two exciting hard-ball matches between amateur teams, at the UWI Spec.

Team Full of Vibes, clashed with Lab Medica Square Cutters in the first fixture, but their contribution of 122 runs for six in 20 overs, was not enough to hold the Cutters back, who beat their score by four runs.

In the second fixture, between SFBT and the Hillview Renegades, SFBT was bowled out for 146 runs, but held back the Hillview Renegades who managed 127 runs for seven, in 20 overs.

Next Saturday, the Cutters will face SFBT and the Hillview Renegades will challenge Full of Vibes in their third round of matches, at UWI Spec.

Hillview Renegades team member Kern Ramlochan yesterday explained the tournament had several social and networking objectives, but most of all wanted to make itself a forum to introduce people who didn’t play cricket to the sport, and to have a venue for amateur lovers of the sport to play.

Newsday was told the tournament started off with alumni of Hillview College meeting to play wind-ball cricket but when one of their alumni, Rostan Mahabir, was shot during an attempted robbery, they decided to use the tournament as a tool against the country’s social ills.

Full of Vibes wicket-keeper Jeremiah Cruickshank celebrates the run out of an SFBT batsman last weekend, at the second leg of the Ross Cup cricket tournament at UWI Spec.

“We wanted to have a hard ball tournament with grass roots implications — to allow people who never played cricket before to play at a nice venue,” Ramlochan said, “Because of how Rostan was shot, we saw the effect it had on him and his family.

A lot of the guys were down, and we wanted to do something that would have an impact on the country... we wanted to do something tangible and not be bystanders.

That is how the tournament started.”

Newsday was told team members of Hillview Renegades, SFBT and Full of Vibes all contributed to flood relief, by going to homes and giving out food, mattresses and providing general assistance.

Newsday was told the flood relief action was part of the tournaments objectives which included developing a community network built around the sport, assisting the TT Cricket Board (TTCB) with new technology and training opportunities, creating growth in the involvement of women in cricket in both administrative and playing capacities, and pro-actively combating social ills.

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