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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Road repairbreakdown

THE EDITOR: I am aware that there are different agencies responsible for road repair in Trinidad, namely the Ministry of Works and the municipal corporations.

However it appear there is an almost a total breakdown of the road repair programme.

In many parts of the island the roads have been deteriorating for many months and it is so easy to drop into holes, depressions, craters, and rough patches.

Can the relevant authorities give some attention to road repair including the Couva Main Road (where part of the roadway collapsed about two weeks ago), the Southern Main Road (in the commercial area of Couva), Exchange Road (in the vicinity of Rubia Drive leading to Roystonia), and Caryota Drive (especially in the area near to the Couva North/ Roystonia Community Centre)?

But the problem extends far beyond Couva. What about the Cedar Hill Road in the Claxton Bay area, the Guaico-Tamana Road leading to Cunaripo (especially near to the masjid), and New Lane in El Socorro?

And then there is the problem of missing or faded white lines, for example in Arima on the O’Meara Road from Xtra Foods to the O’Meara Junction by the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway.

I hope some priority will be given to road repair and the painting of white lines.


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