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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Barefooted man not allowed in police station

BAREFOOTED 22-year-old Nicholas Ramsingh complained to a magistrate that because he was not wearing shoes, police officers asked him to leave the Ste Madeleine station.

That was on Saturday, and Ramsingh told senior magistrate Cherril-Ann Antoine that he went there to sign his record of attendance book in relation to another matter. He told the magistrate in the San Fernando court that he did not have any shoes to wear.

As a reporting condition of his bail in relation to the previous charge, Ramsingh must visit that station on certain days of the week.

Appearing before Antoine on Monday, the magistrate read to Ramsingh a charge of behaving in a disorderly manner, and another charge of assaulting Cpl Ramsingh. The defendant and the policeman are not related, prosecutor PC Cleyon Seedan said in response to a query from the magistrate.

After Ramsingh pleaded guilty to both charges, he explained what happened at the station. He said when he told police officers that he had no shoes, they asked to leave the station but he shouted at them. Ramsingh said he lives alone, his mother died and “I doh know meh father from small.” He has a charge of robbery that is pending and a previous conviction for possession of marijuana.

In granting Ramsingh bail of $120,000 with a cash alternative of $12,000, Antoine told him perhaps he should have been a bit more courteous to the police officers when they questioned him about his attire.

“Did you try asking them to give you a pair of shoes?” the magistrate asked.

Ramsingh will reappear on December 10.

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