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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Latin dance on the Waterfront

Marisa Hernandez and dance co-ordinator Wayne Sargent show off their moves.
Marisa Hernandez and dance co-ordinator Wayne Sargent show off their moves.


THE Hyatt Regency has partnered with the Caribbean and Latin Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago (CALDATT) to showcase, highlight and engage the public in the many various forms of recreational dance, fitness and performance training programmes and classes.

CALDATT launched its 2019 campaign, Pursuit of Dance Excellence, at the Hyatt’s Seafront Restaurant with Dinner and Latin Dance which included a cocktail hour, on November 3. Dinner consisted of a three-course, pre-fixed menu and dessert, dance instructions and dance party.

Patrons who were not interested in dinner just did the cocktail along with the dance instructions and party.

Saturday night’s dance lesson was on merengue and the participants were all very enthused to get on the floor.

Wayne Sargent chats with Hyatt’s Brian Hudson and Neemah Persad-Celestine.

According to one of the co-ordinators Wayne Sargent, “We are extremely excited about this mission to contribute to the enhancement, development, and possible elevation of our nation’s talented youths and experienced dance practitioners to front page.

“The Pursuit of Dance Excellence will include events such as fiesta nights at the seafront (Hyatt), corporate health and fitness programmes and tutor development.”

Sargent continued, “CALDATT is a non-profit NGO and an amalgam of associated member school, students, tutors and community support and training organisations and is very pleased to enlist the support of the Hyatt Regency.

“We invite all dance enthusiast to join the membership network for free in November. We are also looking at certification and professional development. We truly want to make this a pathway to professionalism where we send out tutors to the communities to teach the dancers. Dancers must be able to earn an income from their skills.” Music for dining was supplied by Kerwin Diesel Trotman and Earl “Biter” Edwards. Last Saturday’s event attracted wider audience participation. Fiesta Nites will continue on Saturday with cha cha and on November 24 with tango.

Here are some highlights from the first dinner and Latin Dance at the Waterfront Restaurant.

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