Why TT doing badly in sport

THE EDITOR: Over the years, less young men and women appear interested in following sporting careers. Playing any sport at secondary school level appears not to translate as suitable careers on leaving school.

The level of financial sponsorship from either the government or the private sector seems insufficient as a means of supporting a comfortable lifestyle. So, why bother?

In the First World, sporting talent, recognised early, is rewarded with ongoing financial support and intensive training. When we complain that our athletes no longer do well in cricket and football, in particular, it is really all about not being on par with the First World’s standard of financing, training and upkeep.

The few lucky students to get sports scholarships and further training can sell their talent/expertise to the foreign sports markets in order to live. We are then left with mediocre players incapable of playing consistently at world class level. Salary levels are not high enough to engender real enthusiasm.

If sport appears to pay far less than studying traditional well-paying desk-bound careers, what do you expect?

You have to pay to win and to continue winning at international level costs serious money.



"Why TT doing badly in sport"

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