Waiting to be assessed

THE EDITOR: I write to highlight the plight of many flood victims, including myself. Going on three weeks after the devastating flooding, we are still awaiting assessment. I was not at home when people from the Ministry of Social Welfare passed initially.

I have made every attempt to contact them but so far it has all been futile. I went along with other residents to a nearby school to give my name. Then went to the ODPM’s office in Macoya and filled out the necessary form.

I have been regularly calling the numbers for the ministry being circulated but was only answered once. I was told someone would contact me more than a week ago. No one has.

I recently went back to Macoya and was sent to the social welfare office in Tunapuna. I was given the same numbers again and there was no response when I called.

I am appealing to the relevant authorities to please complete the assessment for flood victims. We have been through enough. It is very frustrating to be going in circles and getting nowhere.

Additionally, I was told to keep all my damaged furniture and appliances, which I have. Flood waters reached five feet in my area so most of my belongings were lost. We need to be assessed so that we can try to put the pieces of our lives back together. One can only hope that we will not be overlooked.

S SINGH, Kelly Village


"Waiting to be assessed"

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