An amazingcontrast –flood victims,govt officials

THE EDITOR: So much has been written and said about the absolutely beautiful local and diasporic response to the recent unprecedented flooding that all I can add is an emotional one love, one heart, one destiny, TT.

Then I viewed a recent noisy meeting between some of the hardest hit flood victims and some government officials and functionaries. What an amazing contrast.

With tears cascading down their faces, flood victims pleaded for relocation; for permission to properly repair their homes; for insulation against future inundations.

The phalanx of finely suited, eloquent officials was implacable. The victims emptied their hearts, bared their souls, one threatening “eternal damnation” on the heads of the illustrious panel.

There is also the case of an unemployed Oropune father, with an 11-year-old epileptic son, waiting endlessly for official processing of his claims. The public rushed to his aid, after Newsday highlighted his predicament.

Juxtapose the spontaneous empathy and proactive nature of citizen-volunteers with the hard, cold intransigence of those selected and equipped to seek the best interests of the people. “Water up to my neck, boss.” Sorry, can’t help. “We drowning in this hell hole.” Relocation not possible. “Help! Emergency! We dying!” Wait your turn, man, wait your turn.

Obviously, a tale of two cities – a genuine, kind-hearted people, versus icy, impersonal leadership. Polar opposites, at the best and worst of times?



"An amazingcontrast –flood victims,govt officials"

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